IT Systems Engineer

Exceltec Property Management Pte Ltd

Job Type(s): Full Time

Timing/Shift: 5.5 Day Week

Industry: Information Technology

SGD 2,800 - 3600    Monthly

Job Type(s): Full Time

Timing/Shift: 5.5 Day Week

Industry: Information Technology



Junior Executive

1 Year Experience

Travel to office

1 Year Experience

Travel to office

SGD 2,800 - 3600    Monthly
Job Description

Job Summary
The IT Systems Engineer will be responsible for the management, maintenance, and enhancement of our IT platforms and applications. This role requires a dynamic and resourceful individual with strong IT programming and database management skills. He/she will also need to provide remote and onsite technical support to end-users, addressing any hardware, software, and network issues to ensure the IT systems function well.

Key Responsibilities

1) System Management and Maintenance:
a) System Maintenance (API/Web/Mobile):
- Regularly update IT platforms and applications to ensure compatibility with the latest operating system versions.
- Enhance performance and optimize existing features.
b) Security Patching:
- Apply security patches timely to protect against vulnerabilities.
- Conduct regular security audits and compliance checks.
c) Bug Fixes and Troubleshooting:
- Identify and resolve system bugs or operational issues.
- Dedicated support for troubleshooting issues.
d) Database Management:
- Perform regular backups of application data to prevent loss.
- Perform database recovery in case of data loss or corruption.
e) Restoration of Web/Mobile Application:
- Restore web and mobile applications in the event of service outage.

2) System Enhancement

a) Implementation of New Modules or Functionalities:
- Develop and implement new system modules or functionalities as required.
b) Code Review, Refactor, and Optimization:
- Conduct regular code reviews to identify and correct inefficiencies and security issues.
- Refactor code to improve functionality and maintainability.
- Ensure adherence to the latest coding standards for high-quality software.

Job Requirements


• Minimally a Diploma in Information Technology, Software/Computer Engineering, or a related field.
• Knowledge and experience working on 3-tier system architecture, Express NodeJS, ReactJS, and Flutter.
• Familiarity with Amazon AWS services, such as EC2 and RDS.
• Strong problem-solving skills, able to troubleshoot complex technical issues.
• Strong communication skills, able to provide technical support to end-users with different levels of tech savviness.



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